Connecticut has nearly 300 locally designated scenic roads that offer a breath taking vista of the beauty of rural towns and villages dating back to the 17th century.  The goal of this blog site is to make Connecticut's local scenic roads accessible to you since there is no other place where a complete of these roads can be found.  

What is a Scenic Road?

About 40 municipalities have established scenic roads under state enaling legislation adopted in 1981.  That legislation required local scenic roads to be free of intensive commercial development and intensive vehicular traffic and to meet at least one of the following criteria: (1) It is unpaved; (2) it is bordered by mature trees or stone walls; (3) the traveled portion is no more than twenty feet in
width; (4) it offers scenic views; (5) it blends naturally into the surrounding terrain; or (6) it parallels or crosses over brooks, streams, lakes or ponds.  

Where Do you find Scenic Roads? 

Before this blog site was established the only way to find a scenic road was to inquire into their possible existence with the chief elected official, town clerk, town planner or public works office.  For this reason, these roads were generally only known to local residents.  However, after many weeks of research we have compiled a definitive list of these unique roads so you and others can appreciate the beauty of rural Connecticut. Since scenic roads must be designated by the owners of a majority of lot frontage abutting the highway or portion of the highway, we know that local residents consider them special. 

The State's Local Scenic Roads - in Alphabetical Order  

(those located in Western Connecticut are found at the end of this blog)

We start this blog with a list of scenic roads in Ashford, a town founded in 1714. It has six locally designated scenic roads within its 39.5 square mile area. I have driven over most of these roads and can vouch for their beauty. 

Ashford Scenic Roads (7 miles)

Bebbington Lane
Colts Pond Road
Lipps Road
Oakes Road
Sekar Road
Varga Road

Bethany Scenic Roads (9.3 miles)

Carrington Road
Tuttle Road
Downs Road
Sperry Road
Bethway Road
Downs Road to Woodbridge town line
Brooks Road
Meyers Road
Downs Road to Hamden town line
Sperry Road between Hatfield Hill and Bethway Rds
Sperry Road between Bethway and Morris Rds

Bethlehem Scenic Roads (2.3 miles)

Arch Bridge Road
Paddy Hollow Road

Coventry Scenic Roads (3 miles)

North School Road
Skinner Hill Road
South Street
River View Drive

East Haddam Scenic Roads (9.6 miles)

Baker Lane
Beebe Road
Creek Row
East Shore Drive
Wickham Road
Juda Lane
Sims Road
Wickham Road

Easton Scenic Roads (11 miles)

Adams Road
Bibbins Road
Burr Street
Cedar Hill Road
Everett Road
Judd Road
Norton Road
Orchard Lane
Redding Road
Silver Hill Road
Wells Hill Road

Fairfield Scenic Roads

Banks Road North
Brett Lane
Brett Road
Bronson Road
Brooklawn Parkway
Chester Place
Congress Street
Duck Farm Road
Governor's Lane
Greenfield Hill Road
Harbor Road
Hill Brook Lane
Hoyden's Lane
Hoyden's Hill Road
Hull's Farm Road
Meeting House Lane
Melin Drive
Merwin's Lane
Mill Hill Road
Mine Hill Road
Mistywood Lane
North Street
Old Academy Road
Oxford Road
Station Street
Sturges Highway

Granby Sceic Roads (10.4 miles)

Groton Scenic Roads (3.4 miles)

Sandy Hollow Road
River Road

Guilford Scenic Roads (13.5)

Beaverhead Road
Clapboard Hill Road
County Road
Elm Street
Great Hill Road (Hemlock Rd to Cooks Lane)
Moose Hill Road (Rte 146 to Peddlers Rd)
West Street

Hamden Scenic Roads  (2.6 miles)

Hogan Road (east of Quinnipiac University),
Spruce Bank Road (south & west of Quinnipiac Univ.)
Brookside Drive (east of Whitney Ave in Spring Glen area)
Hillfield Road (west of Shepard Ave in Westwoods area)

Harwinton Scenic Road (0.5 miles)

Kent Scenic Roads (10.8 miles)

Treasure Hill Road
Kent Hollow Road
Cobble Road
Cobble Lane
Skiff Mountain Road
Greer Mountain Road
Mud Pond Road
Dugan Road

Killingly Scenic Roads  (2.8 miles)

Griffiths Road
Peep Toad Road
Yosemite Valley Road

Lebanon Scenic Roads (1.6 miles)

North Street
Smith Road

Ledyard Scenic Roads (2 miles)

Rose Hill Road
Lambotown Road Extension

Mansfield Scenic Roads (8.5 miles)

Codfish Falls Road 
Old Turnpike Road
Summit Road 
Mount Hope Road (to Chaplin Town Line)
Dog Lane (Bundy Lane - the rural section) 
Farrell Road 
Stone Mill Road
Gurleyville Road (Just east of Horsebarn Hill Rd) 

Noth Stonington Scenic Roads (2.7 miles)

Fowler Road
Hewitt Road

Simsbury Scenic Roads  (2.9 miles)

Goodrich Road
Ferry Lane
Terry Plain Road
Bamdoor Hills Road

Sharon Scenic Roads (9.26 miles)

Stonington Scenic Roads (23.4 miles)

Al Harvey Road
Wolf Neck Road
Wheeler Road
Taugwonk Road
Stony Brook Road
Sommers Lane
Pequotsepos Road
North Stonington Road
North Main Street
North Anguilla Road
Lantern Hill Road
Dean's Mill Road
Barnes Road
Collins Road

Washington Scenic Roads (15.3 miles)

Woodbury Scenic Roads (5.4 miles)

Municipalities in Western Connecticut

Greenwich scenic roads (2.81 miles)

Norwich scenic roads  (0.8 miles)

Newtown scenic roads (4 miles)

Pond Brook Road (unpaved section)

New Milford scenic roads (30.04 miles)

Long Mountain Road extended
Stilson Hill Road from Route 37 to its intersection with Gaylord Rd
West Meetinghouse Road to Kent townline
Crossman Road, that runs between Buckingham Road & Upland Rd

Redding sceic roads (20.03 miles)

Ridgefield scenic roads (12.56 miles)

Sherman scenic roads (11.1 miles)

Briggs Hill Road to NY Border

Wilton scenic roads (3.85 miles)